A T T E N T I O N   V E G A N S


Without a List, Authority, Experience, Money or Tech Skills (because they’re a total pain in the ass)  SO YOU CAN Make Enough Money To Live Life On Your Terms 


If you're tired of trying to figure it out on their own.
It gets a little confusing when every guru on Social Media has a different system.
If you're sick of wasting a bunch of money on tools.
Instead of wasting money, why don't you maximize your spend by doing it right the first time?
If you're scared to even take the first step.
Sometimes the hardest step is the first one. We do everything live, so you're never alone lost in a members area. 
If you want to love what you're are doing.
Instead doing something just for money, do what you love and get paid. 
If you have a family & don't have time to waste.
We're always taking time from our family and making excuses for why it's ok.  My family always comes first and I designed Vegan Business Launch around spending MORE time with your family, not less.  


People that don't want to make a change.
If you're happy doing what you're doing then keep on keeping on!
People that are lazy.
Being successful online isn't easy and it takes work and a commitment!
People that have unrealistic expectations.
You aren't going to become a millionaire overnight, sorry.
People that aren't open to learning new strategies.
If you think your way is the best way and aren't willing to be coachable then it's not for you.
People that aren't willing to invest in themselves.
Growing a business requires investing in learning, marketing, etc.  
If so, that's okay. Vegan Business Launch™ isn't right for everyone and we don't pretend that it is. We wish you the best!
Meet Your Host
Joshua Bruce David
Joshua Bruce David, Vegan Business Launch
Hey there. I’m Joshua, a small-town Canadian business owner, vegan, activist, investor, author, and educator, with big dreams to use my 20+ years of hands-on experience to inspire and guide vegans so they can successfully launch their own business.

Business is in my DNA. My grandfather started his first business over 100 years ago, and it’s still running today. The biggest lesson I've discovered over the years has been finding the right mentors.  People who got their hands dirty, were willing to take risks and played the game of business with integrity and passion.  

Many business experts today are teaching us lessons they learned from a secret book. On the surface, they probably know a lot, but are they person you want in your corner when it really matters?  

Over the last 20 years I have both failed and succeeded in business. Building & selling everything from an award winning real estate development company, an award winning sustainable CPG company, an organic juice bar, a gold & silver franchise, some of the first online membership sites, development of some of the first fully sustainable packaging for cosmetics and it’s allowed me to consult with natural health brands & animal rights organizations.  

In 2016 I almost died holding my 2 year old daughter. That moment CHANGED everything for me. I went vegan and every decision I made when it came to business and life was about helping others.

So, after 17+ years of using the old inter-webs to build my own companies, I felt it was time to help ethical and vegan entrepreneurs learn from my hands-on experience, so you too, can enjoy the freedom only a successful business can give you while avoiding all the pain and struggle I’ve gone through. 

Vegan Business Launch™ came to me in 2019 when a friend bought a course from an online guru who had ZERO business experience. Sadly, thousands of dollars and months later, he still had nothing to show. It made me so angry that we didn’t have a place to turn inside our vegan community for business advice and support. 

That's WHY I created Vegan Business Launch™, so you can STOP wasting your money and time, never feel like a failure again, and finally get that edge you've been looking for.  

Tired of all the noise.  

Today, too many people are teaching what they have never experienced or built for themselves, and like you, I was tired of all the noise and fake guru’s misleading us. 

Just like building a house, a successful business starts with a SOLID foundation and the guidance of someone who’s done it many times before. 

Business accomplishments aside, what I’m most proud of, is being an active animal rights advocate, amateur lumberjack, green juice maniac, fitness fanatic and most importantly an amazing father to my three wild children.
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